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When did the requirement for Asbestos Surveys begin?

​ The requirement for Asbestos Surveys prior to work began in the 1970's primarily related to schools by OSHA.  In May 2001 the State of Texas passed Senate Bill 509 which requires municipalities to verify that an Asbestos Survey has been conducted prior to issuing Renovation or Demolition Building permits for public (schools, courthouses, etc.) or commercial (stores, restaurants, manufacturing, hotels, etc.) buildings.

Click on the link to find the Texas Department of State Health Services Asbestos Website.

Asbestos Testing for Building Permits​

Austin Environmental will go to the site and test for Asbestos Containing Building Materials (ACBM) that are likely to be disturbed during renovation or demolition.

Asbestos Inspection

The inspector will take samples of any ACBM and fill out a "Chain of Custody" form.  The samples and form will be sent to an independent laboratory for analysis.

Asbestos Consulting and Project Management

Austin Environmental, Inc. is licensed by the State of Texas as an Asbestos Consulting Agency.  We can provide required Asbestos Project Design Specifications and Asbestos Abatement project management.  We will develop the best plan to reduce costs and project time.  We fill out all forms and guide you through the project so it will be done right.

Through Asbestos Testing and Inspection Services ensure no surprises arise during projects.  Austin Environmental Inspections are designed to give you a complete scope of work.

Without an inspection you risk worker exposure and worker lawsuits along with fines of $10,000 a day per violation.

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